What are the classification of ceramic tea sets?

- Apr 01, 2018-

Ceramic Tea Set

The most famous ceramic tea sets are purple tea sets. Zisha tea was set up during the Ming Dynasty in the Ming Dynasty, and later it gradually became a famous tea set, playing an important role in the Chinese tea culture and tea set family. Different from ordinary pottery, the internal and external parts of the Zisha tea set are not covered with glaze. Instead, they are made of unique clay, ie, purple clay, red mud, and shanshan clay, which are made by brewing and roasting. Zisha tea sets are of different shapes, each has its own characteristics, and its craftsmanship spirit is simple and colorless. Some pots of Zisha tea sets will be sculpted with patterns, involving literature, paintings, calligraphy, etc. They are artistic treasures that put them together. While enjoying the tea, people can appreciate the arts, gain the inspiration of knowledge and enjoy the beauty.Porcelain tea set

Porcelain tea sets are exquisite in appearance and enjoyable. Porcelain tea sets mainly include celadon tea sets, white porcelain tea sets, black porcelain tea sets and colored porcelain tea sets. These tea sets have their own characteristics and their own special characteristics. The effects of tea making are also different. The ice of the celadon porcelain resembles that of jade, which spreads to foreign countries and becomes a masterpiece of Chinese porcelain. These tea sets have had a glorious page in the history of the development of Chinese tea culture.

Because ceramic tea sets have both practicality and ornamental qualities, ceramic tea sets have been preserved since ancient times. Due to the characteristics of ceramic tea sets, collection tea sets also have a certain level of appreciation to prevent misunderstandings.