Smart toilet shopping guide

- Apr 20, 2018-

Detail one: safety comes first

    Whether you choose to purchase a smart toilet or a smart toilet that is integrated into one line, it will involve the function of water supply and supply, such as seat heating, warm air drying, automatic flushing, etc. Therefore, you must be sure to choose a high safety factor while complying with national security. Standard smart toilet. Also check whether the materials used have added flame retardants.

Detail 2: Practical Rigidity Requirements

    Compared with ordinary toilets, smart toilets are more powerful, anti-bacterial deodorant, automatic flushing, seat heating, etc., but here to remind you that smart toilets are not the more complete the function is better, general smart toilets only need to have Such as seat heating, warm water washing, warm air drying, automatic deodorization and other basic functions can be, like some high-end brands such as J.ESTINA smart toilet will have glazed self-cleaning, special cleaning for women, radar electromagnetic induction, etc. And J.ESTINA smart toilet nozzle through the three-tier design, can meet the needs of different cleaning, before and after use, will automatically clean, ensure hygiene, use more at ease.

Detail 3: Energy Saving Cannot Be Ignored

    Water-saving smart toilet is a good toilet, to see if the smart toilet is really water-saving, in addition to see the water, the purge ratio, erosion distance, power consumption, deodorant function can not be ignored. For example, its flush rate is insufficient, it is not washed clean at once, and it needs to be washed several times repeatedly. “Water saving” becomes water fee, so it is best to wash this piece to achieve 30% scrubbing and 70% scrubbing. In place.

Detail 4: After sales service is critical

    Although smart toilets use high-tech production, it will certainly be difficult to avoid some minor problems. With its intelligent and electronic nature, its maintenance methods are more complicated than traditional toilets. Therefore, we must ask clearly when we purchase them. Warranty period and detailed terms. At present, most of the smart toilets in the domestic market can only guarantee a two-year warranty, but the J.ESTINA smart toilet is the first to promise a fifteen-day free trial, five-year warranty, lifetime maintenance, and more secure after-sales service.