Porcelain identification method

- Feb 02, 2018-

Buy porcelain has a "four-word tactic", that "look", "listen", "than", "test."

"Look" is to look down the porcelain up and down again and again. First glaze porcelain glaze is smooth and smooth, with or without scratches, holes, black spots and bubbles; Second, look at the shape is structured, with or without deformation; Third, look at the picture without loss; Fourth, see the bottom is flat, glitch.

"Listen" is the sound that sounds when you gently knock the porcelain. If the voice crisp, sweet, then fine porcelain tire, no crack damage, firing at high temperature, porcelain completely. If the voice dumb, you can determine the porcelain tire crack, or porcelain incomplete, these porcelain by hot and cold changes, easy to crack.

"Than" is a comparison. Supporting porcelain, to compare the various parts, to see its shape and picture decoration is coordinated. In particular, sets of blue and white or exquisite porcelain, blue and green with the firing temperature varies, so the same is blue and white porcelain, the color is deep and shallow, a set of several or even dozens of sets of cold porcelain, such as the pieces There are obvious differences in the color of blue and white, this porcelain is greatly inferior.

"Test" is to test cover, test equipment, test. Some porcelain with lid, and some porcelain by a combination of several components, in the selection of porcelain, do not forget to cover the lid to try to cover the components of the trial assembly to see if it is appropriate. In addition, some porcelain has special features, such as dripping Guanyin, automatic dripping; Kowloon fair cup, wine filled to a certain location, will all light leakage. So try to see if its function is normal.