How to hoose a healthy ceramic tableware

- Mar 28, 2018-

1 Select healthy ceramic tableware, first of all observe its appearance. Try to choose the shape of the tableware, in addition to color and speckle is also an important factor in judging the quality of ceramic dishes. 2 When choosing ceramic tableware with gold and silver decorations, you should rub the color surface with your fingers to see if your hands are stained with gold or silver. Fading is a poor quality product that can be purchased without worrying about fading. 3 Before the newly purchased ceramic tableware is used, it should be soaked in concentrated vinegar for a certain period of time. This is to allow vinegar to neutralize harmful substances such as heavy metal lead in ceramic tableware. 4 The fourth point is to choose the underglazed ceramic tableware as much as possible. The glaze and color can be properly selected. It is not recommended to choose the glaze ceramic tableware.