How to choose a coffee set?

- May 01, 2018-

The first is the modeling, we must first observe whether the shape of each accessory is unified and coordinated. Cups should not be too large, generally about half the capacity of the glass is appropriate, but the cup should be larger, the bottom lines should be smooth, elegant appearance, pure color.

        Again is the choice of quality. Whether the porcelain surface is smooth and moist, glazed spots or pig-like holes, but also to observe the two ends of the handle carefully, because the production of the handle is directly attached to the outer wall of porcelain, it is prone to cause inadvertent production The lack of glaze, cracks, damage or skewed; observe whether the mouth of the cup is deformed, the mouths of the two cups can be put together. If there is no bump, it is the top grade; and the other lid size is to cover and turn a circle. It is not necessary to loosen and it is not appropriate to use skewed ones.

        The last is sound. You can use the left hand to put the cup flat on the cup and use the right index finger to gently tap the wall. If the sound is crisp and crisp, it is good. If the voice is low or has noise, the inner wall may be cracked or damaged. Care should be taken