Gift industry outlook analysis

- Mar 14, 2018-

Gifts are certainly no stranger to us. Every year we send gifts to friends and relatives, and companies will also give employees various benefits. What about the overall situation of gifts in this industry? In the past, many of our gift companies were basically all-embracing, and competition in similar products was fierce. As the market changed, the gift industry nowadays tends to be more specialized and standardized. All gift companies give full play to their own characteristics and advantages, the main areas of specialized products. In this way, the degree of competition can be reduced, the limited force can be devoted to specific fields, the products produced will be more refined, and at the same time, they are also in line with the commodity economy of modern large-scale production.

In the past, people pay more attention to the price in the purchase of gifts, the quality almost does not matter, but I do not know seemingly save some money, in fact, more losses. Based on this experience, people are now forming such a concept of consumption: brand awareness, even if the big brands of similar products will be slightly higher prices will choose the big brands. Therefore, the gift industry brand and personalized gifts in specific regions will be the darling of the gift industry in the future and will be active in the gift market.

Afterwards, the branch companies of the gift company will be more detailed and professional. In the course of development, they will gradually develop their own characteristics and brands, have their own fixed customers, and each occupy a party’s market. In this way, the hostile competition relationship will be greatly improved, and the demand for cooperation will increase. , exchanges and cooperation will become development trends, and the outlook will be bright.

At present, China is the world’s largest gift producer, producing 80% of the world’s share of gifts. Huge output value has promoted the thriving growth of the gift industry in China, and there have been a number of gift industry leaders such as Snail Bar. . Now more than half of German business gifts are imported from China and Poland. Among them, five-piece ceramic knives and purple clay ceramic tea sets for furniture gifts are all in demand.

With the further expansion of the global economy, more and more Chinese and foreign companies will attach importance to and expand gift marketing in the coming years. This provides a great opportunity for the development of the gift industry in China. At the same time, the habit of many people in China is not surprising. It will also increase domestic demand. It can be said that the gift industry is promising.