Clever use of sanitary ware to create a new experience in the bathroom

- Apr 14, 2018-

Bathroom decoration is not a simple matter originally, want to create the ideal style that belongs to one's own mind, still must make great efforts.

Take the now popular solo and townhouse two kinds of units for the sake of it, solo's bathroom area is generally very small, there is a certain degree of difficulty in design; while the luxury townhouse bathroom is large, but often because the occupants placed too much, The display was cluttered and caused visual congestion. In fact, regardless of whether the bathroom space is large or small, clean and tidy is the most basic guiding principle of all space design. Therefore, in the design of the bathroom space, it is best to use fresh colors, soft lighting and simple sanitary ware, and strictly abide by different space. Design rules.

The decoration of the small space is mainly focused on simple and generous. This is your choice of sanitary ware products must be very small, the color should be mainly bright colors, so that you can achieve a visual expansion of the effect of space.

For a larger bathroom space, then there is relatively more space to play, you can design according to your preferences, in the purchase of sanitary ware, you also have to give you more choices. However, whether it is a large space or a small space, decoration is basically based on simple and generous, functional and practical considerations, let you play your imagination, so that bathroom renovation is also a happy thing to do it.