Ceramic tableware

- Mar 05, 2018-

1, ceramic bowl: living than the most common ceramic bowl than ceramic, three meals a day, have to eat bowl to eat it! Although people often use metal bowls, plastic bowls, especially for children to use more. However, the proportion of ceramic bowl undoubtedly accounted for the largest. This is beyond doubt.

2, ceramic plate: The reason why the ceramic plate on the second place, is still related to diet. Have a meal to eat it. Where should I put food? Of course, ceramic plate myself! Of course, one of the three big potters in daily life can not miss it. Of course, the dishes used in life Sheng dishes have other materials, but more of the metal, such as stainless steel plate, light and not fragile, but also by many restaurants favored. Basically it is these two kinds of material, and other materials are also rarely practical.