Blue-and-white pattern

- Feb 12, 2018-

Jingdezhen has four traditional famous porcelain: blue and white porcelain, pastel porcelain, color glaze porcelain and exquisite porcelain.

Blue and white porcelain is the application of materials in the painting on the porcelain, and then on the transparent glaze, fired at a high temperature underglaze color porcelain, flower pattern was blue, quiet beautiful appearance, clear and elegant, stable color, easy to wear, and no Lead dissolution and other ills. Gong in his Qing Dynasty in his "Tao Ge" praised the blue and white porcelain: "white glaze blue and white fire into a flower from the glaze thoroughly understand.

The blue and white porcelain was the invention of the porcelain workers of Jingdezhen during the Yuan Dynasty. At that time, the porcelain was very mature. By the Ming Dynasty, the blue and white porcelain of Jingdezhen was famous for its fine color of fetal glaze, rich and brilliant blue and white flowers and varied shapes. Qing Dynasty Tang, Yong, dry years of blue and white porcelain burning more significant achievements. After the founding of new China, the blue and white vessels dominated by the single piece in the past, developed into a matching-based, the picture more beautiful. Due to its super quality, traditional style and national features, the "blueworm tableware" produced by People's Porcelain Factory won three international awards in addition to many prizes in the country, including Leipzig in France, Brno in the Czech Republic and Poznan in the Czech Republic Exposition gold medal.