Art ceramic purchase

- Feb 06, 2018-

China's art furnishings ceramics, divided into two categories of pottery and porcelain. Pottery mainly includes: pottery and pots are known for the pottery are Yixing, Jiangsu Province; to pottery figures and animal shape known as Guangdong Shiwan; as well as the production of Tang Sancai Luoyang, Henan Province; production of black glazed pottery Shanxi Hunyuan; production carved Sichuan Rongchang pottery. The main producing areas of porcelain are porcelain of four famous traditional porcelain including blue and white, exquisite, pastel and color glaze. Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province; Liling, Hunan, famous for underglaze decoration of multicolored porcelain; and production of raindrop glaze and innovative carving art Shandong Zibo; production of glaze and ivory porcelain in Handan, Hebei Province; Fujian Dehua production of white porcelain; production of celadon Zhejiang Longquan; and the production of glazed porcelain color Chaozhou in Guangdong Province;

Furnishings art porcelain as a commodity, the price is not as high as possible, which requires careful identification. Such as underglaze and blue and white porcelain, to see whether the skill is clear, clarity, color is shiny, transparent, pay attention to glaze glaze on someone to take the glaze, to confused really; underglaze decorative attention pen style, must be drawn by hand, not printing, Applique, and the color to be bright.

Then look at the overall effect, whether the week, whether the deformation, glaze is smooth, with or without abnormal color. Finally, the purchase of art ceramic furnishings to be good in the daytime light, the lights tend to go wrong. Can gently knock on the porcelain, listen to the sound is clear and crisp, the presence of cracks in the ceramic is hoarse sound.